Technology- Aspects Related to Mobile VoIP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has become very popular with people who have family and friends abroad. Almost every home owns a computer and has a broadband connection. The ease of downloading the VoIP software and using it to make cheaper international calls is in demand, doing away with using the traditional landline to make calls abroad. Being able to phone overseas without the worry of how long you have been on the phone or the cost of the call, allows users to talk for longer and save money.

With mobile and internet technology both advancing exponentially, it goes without say that it would be possible to download a VoIP app to your smart phone. This now enables users to make cheap or free international calls directly from their mobile phones. The ability to do this using Wi-Fi connections has make this a must have technology, especially for people who travel abroad regularly and are constantly on the move, it far outweighs being bound to your computer to make necessary calls.

Mobile operators are now losing revenue on calls due to the demand of VoIP on smart phones. They should be concerned as people take advantage of VoIP and make cheap calls to France while the mobile operator loses out completely.Another big concern to mobile operators should be the new Google Voice; this application integrates into customers current Gmail and offers free calls to certain countries, while others are charged at highly reduced rates. Making calls using your landline or mobile phone can be expensive and everyone is trying to save money these days. Over one million calls were made using Google Mail within the first twenty four hours of it being launched. This should be a great concern to mobile operators, as this cost effective form of communication is taking the world by storm. As we progress technologically you will see more people changing to VoIP to make all their telephone calls whether local or international and landline and mobile operators will be left in the dust.